Wentgate Electron Beam Welder

Wentgate Electron Beam Welder

Specnow Ltd offer specialist on-site refurbishments, and carry out total rebuilding of a wide range of Wentgate Electron Beam Welders in our Cambridgeshire based factory, at a fraction of the price of a new machine. As well as refurbishments and rebuilds we can also supply new Electron Beam Welders. We employ an experienced service and support team, many of whom have previously worked as Wentgate engineers so have extensive knowledge of the machines, both old and new. We also hold a range of spare parts.

The Wentgate History

The Wentgate brand was established more than thirty years ago. Many of the early electron welding systems have remained active, producing parts to high quality standards. Innovative and compact, the machines were ideal for small component joining operations. They proved especially popular with instrument manufacturers and sub-contractors supplying the aerospace industry.

As manufacturing progresses, electron beam welder users are required to work to more rigorous quality protocols such as those defined by the nadcap audit regulations. In addition, globalisation has brought growing competitive challenge: all production activity must be cost effective, efficient and safe. To meet these criteria, all plant machinery needs periodic overhaul, whether that leads to replacing spare parts or undertaking a more in depth service.

Why Choose Specnow?

Specnow have the expertise to either refurbish or rebuild any new or old Wentgate electron beam welder. We can also supply new equipment using our significant expertise and experience of working with Wentgate Beam Welders. We rebuild using modern user friendly control technology with HMI to restore the plant to as new capability. Our software provides solutions for data storage and reporting, conformity testing, and on line support. The original chambers and machine frames are stripped and refinished. The reassembled unit is tested, fully calibrated and documentation is issued.

Specnow Electron Beam Welder


Get in touch with us if you’re interested to know more about how we can help refurbish, rebuild or service your Wentgate Electron Beam Welder. Call +44 (0)1480 884463 or email us on sales@specnow.com.

In addition to the UK, Specnow’s customers are based in North America, Mainland Europe and China. To learn more about Specnow and the services we offer, please visit our website at specnow.com